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Mr Anthony Fok is one of Singapore’s most highly sought after Economics Tutor. His distinction rate in the A Level Examination speaks for itself, and joining JC Economics will definitely help students achieve their goals. With Economics being a completely foreign and scary subject to many students in Junior College, great time and effort has to be put in for students to truly understand and grasp the new concepts taught. Often, the sixty minute lectures and tutorials in school are barely sufficient for students to fully understand the concept taught on the first attempt. Due to the vast number of students and learning styles, it makes understanding Economics in school very challenging. Furthermore, the constant changing of teachers in lectures does not allow students to adapt to one specific teaching style. Thus, many students are often uninterested and bored in school as their learning styles might not be catered too. This results in the majority of students turning to an Economics Tutor for help.

By joining JC Economics tuition centre, students will find themselves not only enjoying Economics more, but also grasp and understand the difficult concepts that they initially thought were impossible to understand. Anchored by one of Singapore’s top econs tuition teachers, Mr Anthony Fok, his quirky and engaging teaching style will definitely cater to all types of learning styles. As an extremely seasoned and experienced economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok has encountered all kinds of students with various teaching styles in his stints as a teacher. The high quality and comprehensible notes he provides for classes are jam packed with diagrams and frameworks to ease the answering and understanding process of students. Along with weaving real life examples into his answers and solutions, Mr Anthony Fok captivates and engages students with his storytelling as well. The memorable and interesting stories told during classes will undoubtedly help students to remember the key concepts taught during lessons, and applying it during examinations will be extremely easy as well. His weekly classes  will ensure that students learn something new every week and the efficiency that he teaches with allows for a second revision of the entire Economics syllabus, a luxury absent in the curriculum of Junior Colleges due to the tight timeline that teachers have to follow. By repeating the syllabus two times, Mr Anthony Fok leaves no stone unturned, making sure that all students clarify their doubts and queries before entering the examination hall. An increase in the number of lessons conducted when examinations are around the corner, along with the lengthened lesson duration, it highlights Mr Anthony Fok’s passion and love for teaching and the care and concern he has for his students.

Through joining JC Economics tuition centre Singapore, students will definitely have a much easier time grasping and understanding concepts they thought were originally difficult. The fun and engaging lessons in something that they might not get in school as well. Under the tutelage of Mr Anthony Fok, students will not only observe an upward spike in their grades, but also in their love and passion for Economics.

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