About JC Economics Education Centre


Our Logo

Our Logo is a cartoon representation of our founder and principal Economics tutor, Mr Anthony Fok. In the logo, he is smiling, as he always is. Dependable and dedicated, he is popular with his students and the main draw of JC Economics Education Centre. He serves as a role model for his students as well. Find out more about Economics Tutor.

JCEconomic’s approach

The majority of JC students feel that they do not have enough time to manage and monitor their studies against a backdrop of neverending assignments and busy CCA schedules. JC Economics Education Centre have come up with a multi-pronged approach to help students learn Economics quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the common problems student face and how JCEconomic’s approach will solve them:

Humour and anecdotes related to Economics are injected into lessons to keep lessons engaging. Students need not worry about dozing off!

Many stacks of learning resources are at the students’ disposal. They can ask for more if they wish to, at no additional cost..

Concepts are constantly being reinforced during lessons. Also, students can clarify their doubts personally with Mr Anthony Fok.

Essays and Case Study Skills are being focused on during lessons. Students learn how to interpret data quickly and efficiently, how to analyse questions and learn many more other skills.

We provide a teaching programme that is comprehensive and effective. Students learn in an environment that is conducive and welcoming. The resources and practice papers at JC Economics Education Centre are meticulously prepared and compiled, exclusive to our students who attend classes. All these contribute to JCEconomics’ success as a tuition centre in preparing students for tests and examinations.

Do drop by the tuition centre or give us a call @ 8251 3684 to find out more about tuition timings.